Life changing

I found myself in Vegas a couple weeks ago for a state basketball game. After the game, my friend Connie and I wanted to get dinner somewhere we hadn’t been before. We decided on Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant called Steak. I cannot explain what happened that night, but I’m going to try.

Because we wanted one of everything on the menu, we decided to split a few dishes so we could try more. We started with a caesar salad. Of course I loved the uniquely shaped plate. I also loved the unique plating of the salad…the fact that the lettuce leaves were whole and they used shaved parm. And then there was the quail egg. I was hesitant to eat it, because I knew it was a quail egg. But I wanted to share this entire experience with my students so I wanted to try everything, and that meant the quail egg. I was not disappointed. It’s called a scotch egg, they are a common picnic food in the UK. There was sausage around the egg and the outside was breaded.


Next came the bread plate. Let’s talk brioche (the two rolls in the middle). When the waitress brought this plate out she told us that the brioche had a mushroom filling. I died a little inside, I hate mushrooms…a lot. But, because I was going to share this experience with my students I tried it. Turns out the mushrooms didn’t matter. Brioche is a light and flaky bread, similar to a croissant. Delicious!


One of our sides was asparagus. We all know my thoughts on asparagus and this did not disappoint. Funny story… on our ride to Vegas for some reason we were talking about vegetables. Connie likes hers very well cooked and mushy. My vegetables need to be tender, yet crispy. Lucky for me, that’s exactly how these were cooked. Not to mention, they were cooked in butter.


Another side we tried was the macaroni and cheese. This was the most disappointing dish for me of the night. Strike one: peas. Really, I think it was just different than what I was expecting. In the realm of macaroni and cheese it was very light compared to any others I’ve tried. I did, however appreciate the bread crumbs on top that gave the dish some texture.


And the star of the show. Beef wellington. We asked them to split this in half so this is not what the portion normally looks like. First off, the presentation is beautiful. What I loved most about this dish was how well the flavors complemented each other. Everything worked so well together and nothing was overpowering. Each bite was better than the last. I’ve totally been inspired to learn how to make this.


Sticky toffee pudding with brown butter ice cream. You had me at brown butter. When the waiter brought this out he explained that this was the chef’s take on the classic bread and butter. He poured the sauce over the cake and told us it was best to eat the ice cream with the cake. We all know my feelings about butter, but brown butter ice cream was a revelation. Simply amazing.


The things my dreams are made of.


With the tip included we paid $150.00. I regret nothing! This was a great experience and if you get the chance to eat here, don’t pass it up.