About us

People cook/ bake/ concoct for many reasons. Some people have dietary needs, others do it to save money, and still others do it to be healthy. Our reasons for manning our own kitchen are none of the above. In fact, none of our reasons approach anything smacking of responsibility or the greater social good. We cook to satisfy our glutenous needs and to feel better than our fellow human beings when we create something truly wonderful. We’ve been at this long enough to admit that hearing someone exclaim “you made this?!” is thoroughly enjoyable (and ego inflating).

We, your guides through this buttery land of ego inflation, are two cousins who find the rest of our family well intentioned but culinary inferior. Megan is a high school culinary arts instructor who has worked in a number of resort kitchens and other professional kitchens. Nathan works in historic building preservation, and paving. He cooks under the credo that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

We hope this blog will help those reading it to find the courage to, on occasion, forget budgets and time constraints (and cholesterol levels) to make something truly amazing. Opinions here are ours and no one else’s  (even though they should be). No animals were hurt in the process of making this blog (except those we happen to be eating).