Fancy Grille

Boulder City, Nevada has always been a pretty well kept and nice little town but as of recently the main street scene has gone through a re-awakening, at least food wise. There are a good handful of hip-looking cafe/greasy spoon type places lining the main drag. So often in the genre of forced kitsch the restaurant is heavier on tchotchkes then it is on the food.

The Little City Grille, thankfully, is not one of those. I have patronized this place prior to this visit and their burgers were very good. The buns are substantial, but not overbearing. The cheese is real and the bacon perfectly cooked. The grill perhaps lacks a few decades of seasoning, but if they stay open that will be fixed eventually. This time we skipped the burger menu for some of their other offerings. I had their french dip and Megan had the crispy chicken wrap with the house dressing.


A small but appropriate tangent; if you want a burger (and honestly who doesn’t), just order a burger. You will be thoroughly unsatisfied with anything you get instead of a burger. Long story short, nothing will satisfy a craving for a burger but a burger,…… period. Friends don’t let friends not order burgers. Back to the matter at hand.

I had their crinkle fries and Megan had their sweet potato fries. The crinkle fries were not spectacular. They were a little mushy which I don’t appreciate in a fried food. However, the sweet potato fries were fantastic and done to perfection. The had a nice crispy outside and soft, but not overcooked, inside. They go a little light on the salt for either option, but that is easily rectifiable at your table.

IMG_1401                     IMG_1402

One of the great things about this restaurant is they seem to pay attention to the ingredients they use. Sorry, buns aren’t just buns, tortillas aren’t just tortillas, and limp iceberg lettuce just won’t do. At the Little City Grille the tortilla on Megan’s wrap was not just one of Don Juillo’s cold and bagged tortillas from the grocery store shelf, it was good! My french dip had delicious meat and even the au jus didn’t taste like it was just the contents of some package dumped in hot water just prior to arriving at my table. If the meat was cold cuts put under a warming lamp they weren’t identifiable as such. Attention to details like these are what take the standard American menu from average to enjoyable. The Little City Grille is definitely a repeat stop for us.